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    We value
    your service
    office military programs
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    With a veteran population approaching 20 percent, we understand the value your experience brings to our mission. We are proud to have so many people who've served our country on our team, and we'll give you our full support if you want to continue to serve in the Guard or Reserve.

    Office jobs for Veterans - Operations

    Our customers seek out J.B. Hunt for tough jobs: managing their transportation and logistics operations on site in our Dedicated Contract Services unit; at rail ramp locations in our Intermodal group, or at one of the local distribution centers in our Final Mile Services unit. Either way, you have to be able to lead our drivers and take ownership of your team.

    Our Management Training Program will give you the J.B. Hunt knowledge to go along with your military skill and experience. In as little as 90 days, you can be promoted to a management position where you're playing a key role in our operation.

    Office jobs for Veterans - Sales

    If you prefer to use your power of persuasion, as well as your negotiating and sales skills, we have a track for that, too. Our Integrated Capacity Solutions unit boasts a specialized program to help prepare you for a transportation brokerage position with an inside track to management.

    Nationwide Opportunities for Veterans

    With a footprint that touches every state in the lower 48, whether its operations, sales or support, J.B. Hunt has an opportunity for you. Click here to search by location or job type: Search/Apply for Office Jobs

    Supporting Military Veterans

    For eight consecutive years, G.I. Jobs placed us in the top 25 of its annual Top Military Friendly Employers list. We also received the prestigious Pro Patri Award from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR). We're proud to offer extended benefits for employees called to active duty, including make-whole pay.

    To join forces with J.B. Hunt, click here: Search/Apply for Office Jobs