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    You Bring the Power
    We Bring the Freight

    No trailer? No problem! Find the power-only path that works for you.

    Power Up Your Profits

    Consistent Freight, Long-Term Success

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    pcs truck
    1. Sign Up for Power Capacity Solutions and Connect with a Capacity Coordinator
    2. Set Up Your Fixed Pay Plan and Load Preferences
    3. Accept and Manage Power Capacity Solutions Loads Using Carrier 360

    Find a Trailer in Seconds

    Search. Book. Go.

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    360box and truck
    1. Create Your and Search for Power Only Freight
    2. Place an Offer on the Loads You Want to Haul
    3. Accept and Manage J.B. Hunt 360box Loads Using Carrier 360

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    Which option are you interested in?

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    * Restrictions apply. Not available to carriers using Factoring as payment type. 1.5% fee will apply per transaction.